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Episode #29 Locked On, Boldin, Taylor

August 7th, 2017

Video version available on YouTube


On this weeks episode Erik Turner, Nate Geary and Kevin Massare discuss the following:


Locked on Announcement

Podcast changing to Locked On Bills

The podcast undergoing a slight format change

3x a week, 15-40 mins each

Monday game recap/reactions/emotions

Wednesday Surface analysis of matchup, records, rankings

Thursday Film day/matchup to watch



Boldin signed

1 yr Deal is worth $2.75 million with a chance to make another $1.25 million. Boldin agreed to the terms last week, backed out and agreed again Monday, per Schefter.

Tyrod Taylor

Dennison: Believes anticipatory thrower can be developed. Not something a QB has or not.


Dennison-Distribution, when his feet tell him to move on he’s got to move on. He can’t wait for a route to open up. If it’s not getting there, something is wrong, so he’s got to move on.


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