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Episode #22 Darby, Mccoy and Clay

May 29th, 2017

Ronald Darby-Difference in defenses

Not in as much man coverage

Gave up 708 yards (16th most), 3 TDs, 0 INTS, 104.8 QB rating last season

Avg. 15.7/rec, ’15 11.7/rec

Darby not the only one, gave up  A LOT OF EXPLOSIVE PLAYS

Lots of Man free with safeties with no range

Lots of press bail, zone coverage, tougher to get beat deep, eyes are on the QB more

Should have less explosive plays

Shady for MVP?

Going to be crucial to the passing offense

After play action passes will be asked to go into routes versus LB

Vs man easy win

Vs Zone LBs will be out of position


Run game

Zone scheme gives creativity to the runner

Importance of the center position


Shady’s vision is one of his strengths, should excel


Charles Clay

Another overblown story

On injury report all season

He played admirably last season, injured and he was still out there blocking etc